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Chiropractic care for pregnancy in Cary

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy in Cary


Pregnancy is a time filled with physical and emotional changes that can sometimes make it hard to feel your best. From weight gain and shifting body balance to hormonal fluctuations and the anticipation of childbirth, it's natural to have questions and concerns about your well-being and your baby's development. Chiropractic care offers a holistic approach to address both the physical discomforts experienced by expectant mothers and to support the optimal positioning of the unborn baby for delivery.

For mothers-to-be seeking natural relief from discomfort without resorting to medication or surgery, chiropractic care, particularly through the Webster Technique, has emerged as a trusted and effective solution embraced by countless women worldwide. At Life Force Chiropractic, Dr. Di Pasquale is dedicated to help pregnant women achieve optimal health and comfort for both themselves and their babies.

Why prenatal Chiropractic Care at Life Force Chiropractic is important?

Many women seek chiropractic care during pregnancy for various reasons, including aiming for a smoother, more comfortable labor and ensuring optimal positioning for delivery. This approach is particularly appealing for those desiring a drug-free vaginal birth with minimal interventions. Chiropractic adjustments can also effectively address common complaints such as headaches, backaches, and leg pain, enhancing overall well-being during pregnancy.

The Webster Technique, a cornerstone of chiropractic care during pregnancy, focuses on gentle, strategic pressure applied to the pelvis to realign it and promote relaxation of the uterus. This allows the baby more room to naturally position itself head-down, while providing mothers with increased comfort. Feeling physically well during pregnancy enables women to maintain their usual routines, exercise regimens, and mobility, contributing to a higher likelihood of experiencing birth with fewer or no medical interventions.

Chiropractic care for pregnancy in Cary

The Webster Technique is embraced by pregnant women worldwide seeking to alleviate discomfort before and during labor without resorting to medication or surgery. It is suitable for women regardless of their birth plan preferences and can be beneficial in various birthing settings, including homebirths, birth centers, or hospitals.

Benefits of Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

During pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes to accommodate your growing fetus, leading to discomfort and potential challenges during labor and delivery. Chiropractic treatment can alleviate these issues by:

  • Relieving Aches and Pains: Correcting spinal misalignments reduces lower back and pelvic pain, as reported by 73% of pregnant women in a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

  • Decreasing Nausea: Chiropractic care supports optimal nerve, hormone, and organ function, potentially easing or eliminating morning sickness.

  • Improving Balance: Proper spinal and pelvic alignment reduces the risk of falls by enhancing balance and gait.

  • Creating More Room for Growth: Aligning the pelvis ensures ample space for the baby's growth and movement.

  • Reducing Risk of Breech or Cesarean Birth: Proper pelvic alignment increases the likelihood of the baby assuming the head-down position before birth, potentially lowering the risk of breech or Cesarean delivery.

  • Alleviating Hip and Round Ligament Pain: Chiropractic care addresses hormonal-induced hip and round ligament pain by balancing muscles and ligaments.

  • Shortening Labor: Studies show that chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can shorten labor by 25-31%.

  • Managing Headaches: Chiropractic therapies can alleviate tension or migraine headaches without medication.

  • Decreasing Stress: Massage therapy during chiropractic visits triggers the release of serotonin, a natural stress reliever.


Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy offers numerous health and comfort benefits. If you have any questions, please contact Life Force Chiropractic to schedule a consultation.


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  • What sets Life Force Chiropractic apart from other chiropractors in Cary, NC?
    At Life Force Chiropractic, we stand out by prioritizing individualized care and conducting an intricate 6-step analysis for each patient. Our commitment to enhancing overall health through the renowned Gonstead technique sets us apart, ensuring precise and effective chiropractic adjustments are only made when necessary.
  • What is the Gonstead technique, and why is it emphasized at Life Force Chiropractic?
    At Life Force Chiropractic, we prioritize the Gonstead technique for its unparalleled specificity within the chiropractic profession. Its comprehensive six-step analysis enables us to visualize, palpate, and understand the patient’s spine thoroughly, ensuring precise assessment and targeted treatment of the relevant joints. We firmly believe that this approach is paramount in influencing our patients’ nervous system effectively, thereby facilitating optimal results from their care. Our commitment to gathering comprehensive information underscores our dedication to providing the highest quality care and achieving our patients’ goals successfully.
  • What chiropractic services does Life Force Chiropractic offer?
    We focus on prenatal, pediatric, and adult chiropractic services, aiming to deliver customized care to each of our patients. Recognizing the uniqueness of every individual and their diverse needs, we offer personalized care plans designed to meet each patient’s expectations and unique goals, regardless of age or gender. Our goal is to provide specialized care that aligns with the specific needs and goals of each individual we serve.
  • How does Life Force Chiropractic support expectant mothers through prenatal chiropractic care?
    Our prenatal chiropractic care is dedicated to making the journey into motherhood as comfortable and pain-free as possible. With a focus on gentle adjustments, personalized attention, and the renowned Webster technique, we aim to identify and address the mother’s areas of musculoskeletal and neurological stress. Our goal is to provide each mother a personalized pregnancy journey that aligns with their needs, beliefs and dreams to guide them through this exciting new chapter in their lives.
  • What can parents expect from pediatric chiropractic care at Life Force Chiropractic?
    Parents can anticipate gentle adjustments for the little ones, fostering healthy growth and development right from the start of care. Our pediatric chiropractic care is customized to address and monitor the baby’s developmental stages through specific neurological reflex tests and milestone tracking, tailored to the unique needs of each child. Our aim is to establish a strong foundation for the baby’s growth, ensuring proper brain development and optimizing their nervous system function.
  • How are adult chiropractic care plans customized at Life Force Chiropractic?
    Understanding the patient’s goals and interpreting our findings accordingly. We move away from standardized care plans in favor of personalized treatment approaches tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Recognizing that each individual’s body responds differently to physical and emotional stressors, we create individualized care plans to address your specific needs and support your well-being effectively.
  • Who founded Life Force Chiropractic, and what is their mission?
    Life Force Chiropractic was established by Dr. Valentino and Dr. Sophia. Their mission is to infuse precision and specificity into every aspect of chiropractic care, prioritizing the unique needs of each individual. The clinic aims to empower patients to take control of their health, leading to lives filled with greater well-being and happiness.
  • How can I schedule an appointment at Life Force Chiropractic?
    To schedule an appointment at Life Force Chiropractic, you can contact our clinic directly through our website or by calling our office. We eagerly anticipate assisting you on your journey towards achieving optimal health and well-being!
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